Your love story
in a book

You have a spectacularly epic love story

Maybe it was love at first sight. Maybe your first impression wasn’t so impressive. Maybe your first kiss left you weak in the knees. Maybe it left you wondering whether there would be a second.

Your love story is spectacularly epic because it’s yours, and it’s the kind of story that deserves to be captured in a book you will treasure throughout your lives together and beyond. That’s what you can expect from YourStory: a keepsake that is as spectacularly epic as your love story.

At YourStory, we interview couples about how they met and fell in love. Then, we write that story in a narrative like a novel or memoir and print it in a hand-crafted, heirloom-quality book.

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.”

— Hans Christian Andersen

The YourStory Process

Here’s how we’ll turn your love story
into a custom book


You fall in love in a spectacularly epic way

Who are we kidding? Any way to fall in love is spectacularly epic.


You tell us your spectacularly epic love story

We have a video call so that you can tell us about all of the hilarious mishaps, over-the-top romantic gestures, and roller-coaster of emotions that make up your love story.


We write your spectacularly epic love story

An actual human crafts every word to make you laugh, cry, and feel all the emotion that you felt living through it.


We add exquisite design

The story and the pictures perfectly complement one another to create a unique and spectacularly epic keepsake.


Your heirloom-quality book is sent to your door

These books are hand-crafted to stand the test of time so that your children and grandchildren will know how spectacularly epic your love story is.


“This book is such a treasure! One we will always cherish and share with our family for years to come.”

Lisa & Brian

“Our story has proven to be a perfect keepsake to which we’ve returned several times over the years. It has made us laugh, tear up, and remember many moments in our courtship that we had forgotten. It was as well-written as a biography, and done with such care by the author that it paints an emotionally accurate portrait of our lives at that time. I highly recommend Michael and his process to anyone who is interested in memorializing any particular moment in their life.”

Meg & Carl

“I didn’t know how much I would love and cherish having our love story recorded. It is so fun to reflect on how it all happened and remember the feelings and experiences of so many years ago. The book itself is stunningly beautiful, a quality keepsake that will definitely be passed to future generations!”


“There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.”

— Willa Cather