How long are the books?

That depends on the book that you buy. The Story runs to 20 pages and about 2,000 words long. The Tale runs to 30 pages and 5,000 words long. The Saga runs to 50 pages and 10,000 words long, which is about the length of a long feature article in a big glossy magazine like The New Yorker or Sports Illustrated.

How long does the process take?

Generally, it takes about three months from the interview to when the book is delivered to your door. However, it is important to remember that many of the steps in the process depend on you reviewing the story or the layout and getting back to me. The longer you take to get back to me, the longer it will take for you to get your book. If you have a deadline for when you want to receive your book (your wedding date, for example) I will try to get it to you by that date (assuming, of course, that you’ve started the process early enough to make that deadline reasonable), but I don’t guarantee that I will be able to.

When should we start the process? Should we wait until after our wedding?

In short, it’s never too early to start the process and we don’t recommend waiting until after the wedding. Usually, the stories end after the engagement because that is when the dramatic tension is released, so its a good bet that the stuff that happens in the lead up to the wedding won’t make it into the book anyway. Also, if you want to turn your love story book into your wedding guest book, you will need to start the process far in advance so that the book can be ready for your big day. The only reason why we would recommend delaying the process is to wait until you have nice, professional engagement photos to include in the book because they really elevate the design.

Where do you get the pictures?

The pictures come from you. Ideally, you would provide me with pictures that you and your significant other have taken together throughout your relationship, and you would provide me with any professional photographs that you have together, like engagement pictures. Your photos provide a personal touch and the professional photos add some elevated elegance.

Will other people be able to buy a copy of my love story?

No. Your love story will not be available to purchase for anyone other than you. If you would like more than one copy of your book, you can purchase additional copies at any time, but no one else can order a copy.

Can I give YourStory as a gift?

Yes, the person who pays doesn’t have to be the person whose story is in the book. After making your purchase, you’ll receive an email that will ask for the name and contact information of the couple whose story you want to capture. We will reach out to them to schedule the interview, get the pictures, etc.

Where it gets a little tricky is if you want YourStory to be a surprise. If you want the book to be a surprise from one of the people in the relationship, we can interview the other person, but the story will only be told from that person’s perspective. We will need to interview at least one person in the relationship so that they can tell us firsthand details of what happened, so a finished book can’t be a surprise to both people in the relationship.

How is YourStory different from StoryWorth?

StoryWorth is a great product for the price point, but one thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a StoryWorth subscription, you do all of the work (i.e., the writing). What you get from StoryWorth is access to their software, which will email you a question every week, process your responses, and format them into a nice little book at the end. But you won’t get an interviewer who knows what follow up questions to ask, can tell when you’re leaving important details out, and can help get you back on track when you go off on a tangent (or can tell when tangents might lead to something fruitful). You won’t get writing by someone who has spent most of their life studying the art and craft of storytelling and honing their craft (that’s me). You won’t get exquisite design that rivals the best and most prestigious publications in the world. And you won’t get it all printed in an heirloom quality book that is worth, by itself, more than multiple StoryWorth subscriptions. So, get the StoryWorth subscription for your parents and grandparents, but get YourStory for yourself.

Will you write other kinds of stories?

I’m happy to write any story that you want written. If you have something in mind, reach out and we’ll see if we can figure out how to make it happen.

Have a different question? Reach out and I’ll answer as soon as I can.