Lisa & Brian

Lisa and Brian knew each other in high school, but neither could have foreseen a relationship in their future. Sure, he thought she was cute, but he didn’t think she’d actually be interested in him. This is Lisa we’re talking about. And sure, she thought he was fun to talk to and hang out with, but he wasn’t the most ambitious guy in the world. She wanted someone who was going somewhere.

It wasn’t until a chance meeting in college that Lisa realized that he was going somewhere. And she wanted to go along with him because somewhere between high school and college, he’d found some ambition, and was still fun to talk to and hang out with. What more could she hope for in a relationship?

So Lisa invited him to hang out with her. There were a few false starts, but eventually he agreed to go play racquetball with her. After the date, Lisa dropped Brian off at his apartment and noticed that he’d left his gym bag. OMG, Lisa thought. He left something so that he’d have an excuse to see me again! The sign couldn’t have been any clearer.

But going to his apartment to drop it off—for which she had spent hours getting ready—didn’t go the way she was expecting.

Brian answered a knock to find Lisa standing at his door holding his bag. Wow, she looks really good, he thought. She must have somewhere to go today.

“Here’s your bag,” she said, holding it out.

Brian took it. “Alright. Cool.”

There was an awkward moment. Brian nodded. Lisa nodded. 

“Uh, thanks,” Brian said.

“You’re welcome,” Lisa said. 

She was smiling at him for some reason.

“Well, see you later,” Brian said.

“Uh, ok, see you later,” Lisa said. She wasn’t smiling anymore.

Brian shut the door and threw the gym bag in his closet. He spent the rest of the day doing nothing in particular.

There were more moments like that, Brian not realizing that an opportunity for romance was right in front of him, but Lisa was patient…and persistent. He eventually came around. He eventually got down on one knee, and they eventually started the rest of their lives together.