The YourStory Process

If you are interested in letting us capture your spectacularly epic love story in a breathtakingly written, exquisitely designed, hand-crafted, heirloom-quality book, this is how we will do it.

Once you have purchased the YourStory book of your choice, we’ll reach out for some additional details and to schedule the interview where you can tell us your love story.

During the interview, you’ll tell us about all of the hilarious mishaps, over-the-top romantic gestures, and roller-coaster of emotions that make up your love story. We’ll ask a lot of questions to make sure we don’t gloss over any important details or developments because we’ve learned that the drama is in the details. 

The interview will be over a video call, so there is no geographic limitation on who can get one of our love story books. Our preference is to interview you and your significant other together at a time that works for all of us. The length of the interview depends on the book that you order, but it is usually a good idea to set 1-2 hours aside for it.

Armed with all of the material that you provided us during the interview, we craft your story into spellbinding prose. We’ll capture the highs, the lows, the excitement, the nerves, the big magical moments, and the small little details that mean so much, but are so easily forgotten.

Once the story is written, we add pictures and formatting. We take inspiration from the finest books and magazines so that your story looks and feels like a world-class publication. To enhance the story, we ask that you provide your own pictures from your time together and any professionally shot engagement photos you have (as long as you have permission to use those photos in this way). Your photos add a personal touch while the professional’s photos add a refined elegance. Together with the written story, they create a stunning and heartfelt treasure.

We’ll send you the digital proof (which is just the fancy publishing industry way of saying the final draft before it’s printed; this is where the word “proofread” comes from) for your review and approval. After you review the proof, you can either unconditionally approve it, approve it with caveats, or request changes. You can expect to receive your digital proof about 1-3 months after the interview. 

After you approve the digital proof, we send the final book to the printers. Your spellbindingly written and exquisitely designed story is printed with heirloom-quality materials so that you can enjoy it for your entire lives together and beyond. The books have ultra-thick pages that lie flat for a panoramic impact and are constructed using a hand-mounted binding method that stands the test of time, bound in high-quality linen or genuine leather for lasting durability, and foil stamped to elevate your story. These are the kind of books that will make your friends say, “I want one of my own.”

Usually, you will receive your finished book about 3-4 weeks after you approve the digital proof.

Still have questions? Check out our Q&A page or reach out and ask. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Ready to get started capturing your spectacularly epic love story? Choose the book below that’s right for you.

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